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  • if the form doesn't work, please email me at faunlet[at]live[dot]com
  • for dreamwidth games, please submit trades to these posts: colors - tones
  • I ACCEPT RANDOM TRADES! ie, you don't need to have cards i want to trade with me!
    - the way to do this would be to put a pending (literally titled "pending") card in the trade. from there, i'll check out your trade pile, and choose cards i want
    - if you also use etcg, i'll then try to send the same trade to you with the cards i would like, so all you'd have to do would be delete the old trade and accept the new one
    - if you don't use etcg, then i'll email you
    - for dreamwidth games, just leave a link to your trade pile with the cards you're asking for at the posts above
  • typically i try to match worth, so if you want a card worth 2 i expect a card worth 2 or two cards worth 1; basically, specials for specials
  • please allow up to 14 days for a response
  • please spell out the card names completely [ex. cardname01, cardname02 rather than cardname01/02]
  • for member cards, be sure to hover over mine to get the accurate card name, and please be sure to provide yours


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