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starry eyed


these are listings i would love to own and tend to if they ever become available! if they havent been created yet, they are ones id like to create and get approved some day!

if you're a maintainer and are seeking someone to adopt your listing, please by all means drop me a line! if it's for a fandom you can tell i'm in i'll likely be willing, even if it's not on this list

things crossed off the list are dreams that came true! ♥

anime/manga: characters

  • ergo proxy: r-el mayer
  • ergo proxy: vincent law
  • tokyo babylon & x: sakurazuka seishirou
  • tokyo babylon & x: sumeragi subaru
  • tokyo ghoul: tsukiyama shuu
  • urusei yatsura: lum invader
  • yami no matsuei: kurosaki hisoka
  • yami no matsuei: kurosaki nagare
  • yami no matsuei: tsuzuki asato
  • anime/manga: music & songs

  • puella magi madoka magica: magia
  • cowboy bebop: the real folk blues
  • yami no matsuei: eden
  • anime/manga: relationships

  • ergo proxy: vincent law & r-el mayor
  • shin seiki evangelion: nagisa kaworu & ikari shinji *** APPLIED FOR ***
  • tokyo babylon & x: sakurasuka seishirou & sumeragi subaru
  • tokyo ghoul: tsukiyama shuu & kaneki ken
  • yami no matsuei: tsuzuki asato & kurosaki hisoka
  • anime/manga: series

  • ergo proxy
  • nyanpire
  • tokyo babylon
  • urusei yatsura
  • yami no matsuei
  • games: computer, console, video

  • bastion
  • silent hill (series)
  • silent hill
  • silent hill 2
  • silent hill 3 *** APPLIED FOR ***
  • transistor
  • mis

  • colors: mint